Canadian customer return policy

Simple Canadian returns

Canadian customers are expensive to return freight. To solve this problem. We have opened the Canada Post return service.
PAYPLA will bear the freight of 30 USD. Often, Canadian customers cannot be paid for the return of goods in full. We will help buyers create return labels. We signed a contract with Canada Post. In this way, there will be a preferential price.
1. Buyer submits a return application
2. SPCP creates a return label and sends it to the buyer.
3. The buyer contacts PAYPAL to receive a $30 return compensation.
4. The buyer prints the label and must deliver the package to the post office within 5 business days. (If more than 5 business days, SPCP needs to re-label)
5. Within 5 days after the package is delivered to the post office. SPCP issues a refund. The refund amount does not include the return shipping fee of USD 30.