SPCP Canadian customer. Returns a detailed description of the process. Helping you return more easily.

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1.Need to find your order number

The order label is made by #1XXX. 4 numbers.

2.Canada Post website address


3.Check shipping costs

Note: Be sure to choose the method we recommend to return.

4.Check the location of the post office. And return the package.


5.The customs declares the item as a gift. The declared amount is $5. In order to smoothly enter the Chinese customs.

Note: The declared item is a gift. The declared amount is $5.

6.PAYPAL return shipping compensation application.

PAYPAL offers a $20-30 return shipping charge.


7.Please send me an email

Our email address:service@spcpshop.com

Please provide the order number. Return tracking number. We will issue you a refund after receiving the package.

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