Notice: due to COVID-19 virus. Explanation on the delay of logistics delivery!

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Notice: due to COVID-19 virus. Explanation on the delay of logistics delivery!
1. United States Postal Service. Received a USPS notification that USPS delivery is basically normal. However, the time limit will be delayed. The delay is about 1-3days.It is also possible to arrive early.
2. Canada Post. Receive Canada Post notification. Canada Post shipping extended by 2-5 days.
3. Parcel service in India is suspended. As India has suspended all flights. Therefore, all parcels in India are suspended. All parcels sent out are delayed by about 10-15 days.
4. Australia Post. Due to the skyrocketing cost of flights to Australia. We have modified the delivery method for Australian parcels. Packages from Australia can still arrive on time.
5. Parcels to the UK. The aging time is extended by about 10 days. We still ship packages via YODEL.
6. Rest of the world. Countries with large orders such as Mauritius, UAE and Morocco. Suspend shipments until the end of April.

7.DHL Express. the latest update. Orders from Sunday to Thursday are guaranteed to arrive on time. Friday and Saturday orders will arrive 1-2 days late. Specific times may differ from those shown on the website. The specific arrival time will arrive earlier than the displayed time. This is also a short-term delivery service. As the virus spreads around the world. After ensuring personnel safety, DHL will deliver each package in a timely manner. Buyers are advised to choose this service and arrive on time. Thank you(Updated April 2)

Note: All packages destined for India are temporarily suspended. Indian customers are requested to stop placing orders. Indian parcels are suspended until April 15. If recovered. Also notice.

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