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SPCP wishes everyone a Happy New Year! In the past year, we have provided various computer accessories to more than 1,000 international customers.
      Our international shipping punctuality rate exceeds 92%. And we have developed more logistics services. In the United States, we have improved shipping services for the ePacket delivery service. Customers who pay extra for small shipping charges enjoy faster arrivals. We also launched DHL services. Arrive in 1-3 working days. Provides fast package arrival service for more business customers. In Canada, we launched Canadapost Priority Mail, a new logistics service. An economical price. Bringing logistics services for a week of arrival. Improved delivery experience for Canadian customers.
       In product quality. We ship after strict inspection. Keep the return rate within 3%. Used motherboard installation is more complicated. We have produced various installation videos to help buyers solve various problems during installation. Of course, there are still buyers who cannot install successfully, but the video has helped many customers successfully complete the installation.
       According to customer feedback, the appearance of our motherboard needs to be improved. The dust needs to be cleaned. Our emails will respond faster. In 2020, we will increase the frequency of email replies, from email replies once a day to email replies twice a day. We have additional funding. Used to solve after-sales service. Many customers do not need to return. You can get the motherboard we reshipped. This can actually increase the speed of after-sales service.
     Environmentally friendly. We insist on recycling. China is a developing country. We produce a lot of used electronics every year. After our testing. We provide buyers with reliable used products. Reduced environmental pollution. In our office, we also provide paperless office. The electronic shared office mode effectively saves paper. Electronic express delivery also reduces the use of a large amount of A4 paper. We also use 5 layers of paper packaging materials that can be recycled. Use of degradable packaging materials. The office replaced energy-saving lamps. Reduce Earth's carbon emissions.
       Finally, I would like to thank our customers in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom for their support and thank you for your trust in us. I know that independent websites are very strange and questionable for everyone. So we cooperate with PAYPAL. Bring buyer protection to buyers, and return shipping costs are borne by PAYPAL. If you have any questions, you can apply for a refund at any time. in New Year. We will launch another brand new website. Used to serve customers in Southeast Asia.
        Promote the recycling of electronic resources. Bring a green earth to everyone. Happy New Year and may God bless us all. World Peace.




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